for Thursday, May 19th, 2022
Why the 'tourist is making U.S. homebuilding stocks his biggest individual sector position
Why the 'tourist is buying small caps, his old friend Sprott Uranium Participation Fund, and homebuilders.
Why the 'tourist is no longer net short risk assets
The 'tourist goes through the math, explains the hedging effects, and finally, fades the "Dumb Money"
Why the 'tourist thinks the calls for a Fed pause are premature and a little discussion about financial conditions
Why the 'tourist isn't buying the dip in tech and is staying short
And why the 'tourist is ringing the register on his bond shorts
And how the 'tourist is playing it
The value over growth outperformance is set to accelerate from here
Why the 'tourist is worried about this weekend's French elections
Why the 'tourist hasn't started the yield curve inversion countdown clock yet